Fall Out Boy: 1 New Single, 2 New Boys


Fall Out Boy are releasing their new single on November 24, while the band’s frontmen Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz are grasping fatherhood

American pop-rock band Fall Out Boy has announced that on November 24 they are releasing a single from their upcoming album. The song will get its first play on Zane Lowe’s show, broadcasted on BBC Radio 1. The title of the upcoming single, as well as of the sixth studio album the band is working on, is still unknown.

The next longplay’s release date is also undisclosed but the recording is expected to appear roughly in early 2015. The reasons why the band is not making certain plans are all family-related. Namely, Fall Out Boy’s frontman Patrick Stump became a father in October. His wife, Elisa Yao, just gave birth to their first baby. The photo of the newborn Declan became was made public and got spread all over the net after Ellen DeGeneres had tweeted it out on October 15. Her comment stated: “It’s a boy! Actually, it’s a @FallOutBoy.”

And it’s not the only addition to the family among the band’s line-up. The band’s “face” Pete Wentz (bass guitar, back vocals, lyrics) and his girlfriend, a model Meagan Camper, are all busy taking care of their infant, who is only three months old. “The band is in a crazy place right now because there’s a lot of little kids running around,” the vocalist Patrick Stump said. Pete already has a five-year-old son Bronx from his previous marriage to Ashlee Simpson. The bassist decided to give his son an angelic name, Saint Lazslo. When asked if it is hard to have two small kids, Pete jokes: “What’s more exciting than having the pitter-patter of another little gremlin running around?”

Capture from the official
Capture from the official “Centuries” music video

Nevertheless, the musicians are not leaving their music career in the shadows in the light of their family changes. Since their previous 2013 ablum Save Rock And Roll, the band released a stand-alone single and a music video “Centuries,” which premiered on September 8, and a song for Disney’s Big Hero 6 titled “Immortals” on October 14. Besides, Fall Out Boy has also recently remixed the Chicago Bulls theme song with Lupe Fiasco. Watch the official video and a live performance of “Centuries” from The Jimmy Kimmel Show below.

Fall Out Boy Tour Dates:

Feb 21, 2015    Soundwave Festival / Melbourne, AUS

Feb 22, 2015    Soundwave Festival / Adelaide, AUS

Feb 28, 2015    Soundwave Festival / Brisbane, AUS

March 1, 2015    Soundwave Festival / Sydney, AUS

March 15, 2015    Pot of Gold Festival  / Tempe, AZ

March 27, 2015    Punkspring 2015 / Nagoya, JP

March 28, 2015    Kobe World Memorial Hall – Punkspring 2015 / Osaka, JP

March 29, 2015    Punkspring 2015  / Tokyo, JP

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