Tweet of the Day – FRANK IERO’s Post Ignites Hate for Moms Showing Pics of Their Babies


Frank Iero’s tweets provoke “mad hate for Amy” and hot discussion whether all babies are ugly

April 29, 2016

A lively debate burst out in Twitter just an hour ago, as soon as ex-My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero posted the following tweet:

Frank obvisouly didn’t expect the tweet to produce such a viral reaction and so many straightforward comments, not in Amy’s favor, so the musician posted two other tweets a minute later, saying he feels bad for Amy because of all these negativity in the flood of comments… and guessing that maybe it’s because her baby is ugly…

As a result, from commenting on how annoying it is when yet another mom is flooding the group chat with her baby’s pics, the discussion moved a step further to the eternal battle of opinions: “Are all babies ugly?” The three tweets have already gathered 3000 reposts, and 6000 likes in less than an hour.

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