From stage-perfect Epica to ever-empowering Apocalyptica, the tour proved truly epic

The co-headlining tour of Finnish celloists Apocalyptica and Dutch symphonic metal band Epica had been postponed in 17 countries across Europe several times due to restrictions, taking place at that time, but it’s finally happening! The tour has just kicked off in the Baltics, with an epic show in Estonia on a massive Unibet Arena on January 20. And it was worth the wait.

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Despite Epica not being as widely known in the Baltics as Apocalyptica, Simone Simons and her bandmates easily won the hearts of Tallinn audience and even offered the crowd a karaoke opportunity during their famous song ‘Cry for the Moon’. And hats off to Epica’s graphic designer, setting the mood for each song with the elaborate, perfectly fitting backgrounds!

Apocalyptica treated their fans to quite a short but very well-structured set. The band presented a few songs from their latest Cell-0 album (‘Ashes of the Modern World’, ‘Rise’, ‘En Route to Mayhem’), cleverly interspersed with their all-time favorites, such as ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Inquisition Symphony’. In order to keep the audience engaged, Apocalyptica also included some vocals-containing song (‘Not Strong Enough’, ‘I’m Not Jesus’ and ‘I Don’t Care’), performed by the talented tour vocalist Franky Perez.

From lighting to sound to atmosphere in the hall, the co-headlining show was tremendously powerful and at the same time heartwarming. The only thing they could possibly add to the already brilliant set is ‘Rise Again’ – the most recent collab, uniting Apocalyptica and Epica on one stage to end on the highest note.

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Apocalyptica - The Epic Apocalypse Tour 2023 - Tallinn