Slipknot played their first ever show in Estonia on Thu, August 11

Estonian fans had been waiting for this event for over two decades. The first ever Slipknot show in Tallinn took place in stadium-sized Saku Suurhall on August 11, opened by the renowned Ukrainian metal band Jinjer.

Slipknot started their massive set with the tooth-grinding ‘Disasterpiece’, which immediately set the crowd in motion. The band mentioned their new album The End, So Far is coming out September 30 and played their latest single ‘The Dying Song (Time to Sing)’ off of the upcoming record. But their main goal was to treat Estonian fans to their biggest hits and most beloved tracks from various years of Slipknot discography.

Thousands of fans responded excitedly to ‘Sulfur’, ‘Before I Forget’ and willingly sang along to All-Hope-Is-Gone-era balladic ‘Dead Memories’. In their “Are you a Slipknot family?” test a good half of the crowd immediately responded to “if you’re 555…” with “I’m a 666”, which introduced the fans’ favorite ‘The Heretic Anthem’. And how could Slipknot leave their diehard listeners without legendary ‘Duality’?

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Corey Taylor was pretty impressed with the crowd at Saku Suurhall. Taking a short pause between the songs, the vocalist told the audience:

“We’ve been doing it professionally for 23 years… and now we’re here… You don’t know how much you motherf—ers mean to us!”

The band promised it won’t take them as long as this time to come and play in Estonia again. “I promise you this,” Corey said. “We will not leave you waiting this f–king long to come back ever f–ing again. I promise you that”.

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Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 1Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 2Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 3Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 4Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 5Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 6Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 7Slipknot in Tallinn at Saku Suurhall 2022-08-11 8Jinjer Tallinn 2022-08-11 1Jinjer Tallinn 2022-08-11 2Jinjer Tallinn 2022-08-11 3Jinjer Tallinn 2022-08-11 4Jinjer Tallinn 2022-08-11 5

Text: Tatiana Spiteri

Photography: Elis Vassiltsova