Unwound & Unplugged will take place on March 2 as part of National Day Of Unplugging

It’s not too long before the National Day Of Unplugging (NDU) – the event which reminds us of our dependence on gadgets and strives to make us put away our smartphones and devices. On March 2, during its Unwound & Unplugged program, among other artists, you’ll see My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way performing a special solo set. The virtual event is aimed at raising awareness to mental health issues.

Apart from Way, the Unwound & Unplugged celebrities are Julien Baker, DeathbyRomy and host Dr. Mike Friedman. It goes without saying that year 2020 resulted in thousands more people experiencing mental illness, anxiety and isolation. According to the CDC poll, COVID-19 led to increased stress, substance abuse and even suicidal ideation. The source states that by June 2020, 40 per cent of U.S. adults were struggling with mental health and substance abuse due to corona-related restrictions.

The stripped-down Unwound & Unplugged event kicks off on Mar. 2 at 5 P.M. PT/ 8 P.M. ET. It will not only see Way, Baker and DeathbyRomy perform but also open up about how they struggled with their own mental health issues and made it through the lengthy isolation.

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“I know that it’s a really tough time for everyone right now,” comments Way. “Coming together as a community and speaking openly about mental health is more relevant than ever. ”

It’s a bit ironic that the National Day Of Unplugging, reminding us not to use our devices too much, is an online event. But what can you do in the times when face-to-face interactions are either complicated or plain impossible? To encourage people to join the celebration, NDU has announced that fans can get some prizes, such as a Zoom A&R session with Grammy-winning producer Rob Cavallo (MCR, Paramore, Green Day), $50 iTunes gift cards and NDU cellphone sleeping bags. You can sign up for the event here.

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