High School Band Plays A DAY TO REMEMBER


Magnolia high school band has had great success with the student audience while playing A Day To Remember’s tune

September 23, 2015

Have you ever thought, “Why the hell doesn’t our high school ever play cool stuff?” Most probably, all of us have. Well, expect this particular high school. Magnolia school band chose to perform A Day To Remember’s tune ‘The Downfall Of Us All’, which turns out to be a perfect pep rally, as Altpress has pointed out.

Judging from the video, the choice of the song got all the students to scream and cheer as one. Maybe A Day To Remember should consider coming to play a few shows in school halls for a change? Or do they have a strong rival now, after this highly successful percussion-driven performance?

What do you think of the school band version of ‘The Downfall Of Us All’? Watch the video below, share your thoughts in the comments, and join Alterock Facebook and Twitter to always be in the know about your favorite rock bands!

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