AlteRock called Lord Of The Lost bass guitarist, Class Grenayde, to talk about their preparation for Eurovision, touring with Iron Maiden and more

This year, Germany took a brave step and picked gothic industrial metal band Lord of the Lost to represent the country in Eurovision. A few weeks before the group’s journey to Liverpool, we talked to bass player Klaas, a.k.a. Class Grenayde to ask all sorts of tricky questions on the contest and beyond.

Watch the interview in the player below and find out:

  • Did it feel weird knowing only Chris is live, while the music is just a playback at the national selection?
  • Shall we expect some wild moves and jumps in Liverpool?
  • Will there be lots of glitter on the stage of Eurovision in May?
  • Are they planning to perform with a symphonic orchestra again?

More: Charles III got his portion of live “blood and glitter” from Lord Of The Lost

With their anthemic song ‘Blood and Glitter’, Lord of the Lost won Germany’s national song selection, Unser Lied für Liverpool, and are prepping to represent their country in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on May 13, 2023.

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