Tweet of the Day – Jacoby Shaddix Encourages to Rethink Education System


Jacoby Shaddix is “feeling this: we all learn differently”

May 11, 2016

Jacoby Shaddix has shared an image, which provides food for thought on the essence of knowledge and the the future of education. The picture containts the words, “Rethink intelligence. Rethink high school”, and Jacoby’s comment reads: “I’m feelin this. We all learn differently.”

The rocker didn’t specify what he meant by “learning differently” but his fans seem to share the implied idea. One fan has written: “Been pushing this point for years. Didn’t feel prepared myself. Glad to see an idol of mine shares similar thoughts”. Another one has suggested to look up to Finland for education system: “Take a look at Finland’s education model, they are leading the world.” Having received some education in Finland, the author of this text would cast some doubt on the latter – at least not generalize it to the whole country.

What about you? How satisfied are you with your home country’s education model, its teaching and learning methods? What would you change? Be the first to leave your comments and stay tuned with Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!