And no, Korn masks DO NOT help you prevent Covid-19

Even the lifestyle of the most skeptical of us has been changed to some extent amid coronavirus spreading out. Some are avoiding public gatherings, while others are paying more attention to their personal hygiene and are, finally, washing hands more often.

And some make profit with it. Not wanting to contribute to “the internet stupidity”, as TheStar calls it, Amazon has recently lots of overpriced items from the website, including vitamin C tablets, which are falsely believed to protect you from coronavirus.

The same concerns non-medical surgical masks. According to Metal Injection, Korn’s surgical masks are selling out due to ongoing misinformation that if you wear one, you won’t spread or catch Covid-19. It’s ridiculous but many music fans believe that these masks will help prevent the spreading of the virus.

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It is not just a mere coincidence that more and more fans are buying Korn masks. Guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer posted a video of his son, D’Angelo, wearing a Korn mask where he says “Don’t get the coronavirus, but get the Korn virus at” But as soon as people hear “coronavirus” mentioned, they rush to get another useless item to reduce the risk of getting infected.

The Korn masks are selling for $10 and are the third highest-selling merch item in the band’s online store. Several fans commented on Shaffer’s Instagram post that the band is helping spread misinformation in order to make more money on their merchandise.

While Korn are running out of mask supplies for fans who are desperate to believe anything, other fans acknowledge the growing concern, filing petitions to cancel numerous upcoming music events.

Last week SXSW called off their event, followed by a petition, signed by more than 55,000 people. Recently, a Tool fan confirmed they were diagnosed after going to the band’s show. Ultra Music Festival has been postponed, and Coachella is reportedly putting off their massive event for at least 6 months, reports Alternative Press.

Event organizers are losing profits, while sponsors such as Apple, Netflix, WarnerMedia, TikTok and more are pulling out. Are you planning to go to any music events soon? Do you approve of Korn promoting their surgical masks amid coronavirus chaos? Tell us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!