The band has shared a 27-second drumming audio as a download on their website

Korn’s upcoming record ‘Requiem’ is set for release on February 4, and the band is puzzling fans with images of whimsical squeezed faces on their website. If you visit Korn website, you’ll be welcomed by six hands, each squeezing a face. Most of the hands greeting on Korn website are in fuzzy black and white, but two are in color: one in blue and another one in purple. The same hand images are rotating on their Twitter. What do they represent?, wonders the army of Korn fans.

At the bottom of the webpage you find an inscription “PULLING AWAY THIS VEIL I SEE…”, and if you click it, an audio file, titled ‘Korn01-Now’, automatically downloads. It offers half a minute of drumming, but not more than that. As fans believe, ‘Now’ is the name of Korn’s new song. We’ll find out soon!

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The rockers’ fourteenth album Requiem is due out in a bit less than a month, Feb 4. The first new track from the record came out November 11 and was titled ‘Start the Healing’. If you’ve missed it, check out the music video below:

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