If you want to get a fun song stuck in your head, ‘Lie To Me’ is the one

Fans couldn’t have been more excited when Less Than Jake began teasing something new earlier this week. Soon it turned out that the teased content was the artwork for Silver Linings, the band’s first new record in three years following 2017’s Sound The Alarm EP. Along with it came the new single, ‘Lie To Me.”

“At least one good thing that 2020 brought…” – commented fans on the new track. The music video for the song is even better. Director Natalie Simmons surely managed to capture the humor and originality of Florida punk-rockers. And talk about Less Than Jake members singing and playing from the packages in the fridge or rocking in the painting frames on the wall!

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Another good thing that 2020 is bringing for Less Than Jake is the release of the new studio album, Silver Linings, on December 11 via Pure Noise Records. Silver Linings will be their first record with new drummer Matt Yonker since the previous drummer Vinnie Fiorello parted ways with the group. When the news of Fiorello’s departure came in September 2019, Fiorello announced he would remain a member but no longer be touring with the band.

Silver Linings is the band’s ninth album, the follow-up to 2013’s See The Light, which symbolizes the start of their new era for Less Than Jake. “It’s still so freaking exciting,says bassist Roger Lima. “After decades of working on songs together, we still love it, and with our new drummer Matt Yonker, we feel reignited and refueled.

Personally, I feel that this is the first step of a new era for the band. While the music feels undeniably Less Than Jake, the flow of the tracks and the attitude of the horns and lyrics have a freshness to them and I look forward to sharing these songs with our amazing fans.”

Vocalist/guitarist Chris DeMakes goes on to talk about the sound of the upcoming record:

“We didn’t try to reinvent the wheel with this one, it’s still undeniably Less Than Jake. Just a bit punchier and in your face. We can’t wait for our fans to hear it!”

While some fans are happy with the band’s good old catchiness and new, more pop-oriented sound, others admit missing “ripping horn riffs”and “more ska-influenced LTJ style”. Check out ‘Lie To Me’ lyrics below and let us know your thoughts on the new track and music video. Preorders of Silver Linings are available here.

Less Than Jake ‘Lie To Me’ Lyrics:

What’s wrong with the world today?
Can I get anybody on my page?
Count down till I lose my mind
Not a shred of faith inside
Still spelling out what went wrong
Pick up the pieces and just move on
Two drinks and I’m on my way
To a place where I’m not afraid

One simple lesson learned
The flames we hold the closest burn the worst

Say you need me one more time
Tell me there’s more that connects us
Than the days we’ve left behind
Lie to me just one more time
Tell me you can’t go on without me
I’ll pretend that I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine

Relive what I’ve been put through
Have I got nothing else better to do?
Just watch from my own sidelines
Think of what I’m gonna change next time
Jump in, buckle up, let’s go
See the places we should get to know
I need a chaser when
I swallow my pride
and find a way to make it out alive

More years with little meaning
Fractions of my life repeating
Feels like it takes forever
Breaking off from one another
Losing count of all the times
I put you first and left myself behind

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