The demo will be featured on Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition

Linkin Park have not only launched an interactive site for Hybrid Theory’s 20th anniversary this month, they’ve also shared an unreleased demo, ‘She Couldn’t’.

The 1999 demo is taken from the Hybrid Theory sessions. In fact, the track is already known to some of you after it surfaced in 2009, having been discovered on a demo CD on eBay by one fan. ‘She Couldn’t’ then traveled to YouTube and got re-uploaded several times. But it’s only now that LP are officially releasing it.

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‘She Couldn’t’ will land on Forgotten Demos in the Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition super deluxe box set. Be sure to hear it below or on Spotify right now:

This week has been a big one for Linkin Park. At the beginning of the week, LP released a capsule of Hybrid Theory merch and invited their fans to their interactive website with a teaser, reading: “Anyone know anything about 20 year old computers?”

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The link sent fans to a desktop of 2000 era, offering them to “get files off” of the retro-looking computer. By clicking the WebMeeting icon on the website, fans were then led to a room called “LP Announcement Meeting Room.” The virtual “meeting” with the group was, in fact, an announcement of Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition:

Scheduled to come out October 9, Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition will be presented in various forms: as a super deluxe box set, super deluxe vinyl set, deluxe CD and digital version. You can preorder the massive release here.

The main super deluxe box set contains five CDs: Hybrid Theory, Reanimation, B-Side Rarities, LPU Rarities and Forgotten Demos. The titles of the other previously unreleased demos on Forgotten Demos you can see below:

Forgotten Demos Tracklist:

  1. Dialate (Xero Demo)
  2. Pictureboard Demo
  3. She Couldn’t Demo
  4. Could Have Been Demo
  5. Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo)
  6. Rhinestone (Xero Demo)
  7. Esaul (Xero Demo)
  8. Stick N Move Demo
  9. Carousel Demo
  10. Points of Authority Demo
  11. Crawling Demo
  12. SuperXero (By Myself Demo)