Even though you thought MCR would never be of interest to this heavy metal band…

You thought such a band as Trivium are not into emo-rock? We thought so too. But MCR’s long-awaited reunion stirred up the whole rock/metal scene, and vocalist Matt Heafy is not an exception. Heafy has selected a masterpiece from My Chemical Romance and Trivium’s hit and recorded a mindblowing mashup! Check out the video below.

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But wait, we have to warn you that Trivium frontman’s take on the emo track is with a twist. The whole mashup is presented in a far-from-ordinary style. Heafy’s inspiration was Michael Bublé.

It’s not heavy metal singer’s first take on “softer” tracks than his own. He’d already shared blink-182, Elvis Presley and Killswitch Engage covers. Not to forget his rendition of Britney Spears‘ ‘Baby One More Time’ in a heavy metal frame back in 2018.

This week’s wonder mashup is made of Trivium’s hit ‘The Heart From Your Hate’ and My Chemical Romance’s classic ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’. That is, blended with Bublé’s vibe from ‘It’s A Beautiful Day.’

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