“If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together…” must be Mest’s new motto

Are you also looking forward to the arrival of Season 4 of Stranger Things? So are the punk-rockers Mest who have just shared a curious music video for their track ‘The Upside Down’, inspired by the famous science fiction/horror Netflix series. The song is featured on on band’s latest album Masquerade.

Mest put a lot of effort into creating the Stranger Things atmosphere. Tony Lovato, who directed the clip himself, was inspired by the first season of the series and did a nice job recreating Joyce Byers’ living room. You can see the Christmas lights, the letters of the alphabet on the walls and many more elements.

The plot of ‘The Upside Down’ video shows the band trying to get the message through the lights on how to get out of the alternate universe. Give the new video a look below:

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Mest’ album Masquerade was a self-release effort, which happened thanks to the crowdfunding campaign. Indeed, many bands try to reach the same goal but very few succeed, and Mest were among the lucky few with, apparently, extremely dedicated fanbase. The crowdfunding attempt brought the musicians a massive $54,000.

“To me, it made sense to do this all on my own,” commented Lovato on his managerial and production duties. “I’ve been in this band for 25 years and know enough about the music business. I can’t say it’s not extremely difficult doing it all, ’cause it is. Manager, booking agent… I run all the merch out of my house and essentially now run the record label side of things.”

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[Photos via YouTube]