MUSE, FOO FIGHTERS Made It to Forbes 2016 Annual Celebrity 100 List by Earnings


Check out how much Muse, Foo Fighters, AC/DC and other top grossing rock bands  have earned this year

July 13, 2016

Though album sales have seen their historical minimum in 2016, it doesn’t mean you should put away your guitar or go sell your drum kit on eBay and give up your hopes of living your dream and making a living as a rock musician. Just check out the latest data from Forbes 2016 Annual Celebrity 100 List.

The magazine publishes its Celebrity 100 List after calculating the earnings of the musicians throughout the year. This year’s top list features a few rock band names as well, including Muse, Foo Fighters and AC/DC.

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Veterans AC/DC have surpassed all rock acts by earnings on the Forbes list, landing at No. 17 with an esimated $67.5 million. Rolling Stones took the next spot, at No. 18 with just one million less in earnings than their rock colleagues. U2, who stay on the float year in year out, made it to No.30 with $55 million.

These legendary bands are followed by Muse and Foo Fighters: Matt Bellamy-led band has reached No. 44 on the list with $49 million made of touring and Drones album sales, whereas Dave Grohl and Co. took the following spot, No. 45, with $48.5 million in total annual earnings.

Foo Fighters have announced a break this year, but still ended up in the top 50. But considering this halt, it’s unlikely that next year the figures would remain as high for them. The second half of the top one hundred includes Maroon 5, who “scored” $33.5 million.

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You might wonder who made it to the very top of the celebrities Forbes chart in 2016. Not surprisingly, it’s Taylor Swift, whose extensive touring and record sales brought her $170 in total this year.

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