“Five hours of daylight, -15 degrees and no electricity”, VHB open up about making the video

They say the best time to post a new music video is at midday. But Finnish progressive rockers Von Hertzen Brothers discarded that recommendation and stayed up late on January 27 to premiere their new track. The new song, All of a Sudden You’re Gone, was launched at 23:00, preceded by a Facebook live Q&A session.

Neither did the guys care about the harsh weather conditions outside when filming the accompanying 7,5-minute-long music video.

“Finland…mid-December, 5 hours of daylight, minus 15 degrees and no electricity on location! It was worth it though”, the band wrote.

It definitely was. Take, for one, the epic scene with people standing outside in a circle, holding hands and remembering each family member or friend they’ve recently (or ever) lost. Be it the deaths due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or any other reason, everyone can relate to the message.

Going through the viewers’ comments to the video, you can see how many hearts the visuals and lyrics of ‘All of a Sudden You’re Gone’ have touched. “Made me cry buckets of tears. Beautiful but brought up really sad memories”, wrote one fan after watching it. “It is very brave to verbilize such a diffucult and painful topic…”, added another VHB listener.

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The past two years have been hard for Von Hertzen Brothers, too. “Not going to go into details but trying to get stuff done within the toxic cloud of the pandemic has been rough”, says vocalist Mikko Von Hertzen.

The touching track is featured on VHB’s upcoming eighth album, Red Alert in the Blue Forest. “We were brainstorming: maybe we wouldn’t start from a banger rock song”, recollects Mikko on how they chose ‘All of a Sudden You’re Gone’ to be the first taste of the new album. “Energy-wise, this album will be a little different from the previous one. So that could be the song”.

Watch the video for ‘All of a Sudden You’re Gone’ below:

The record is due for release March 18, with pre-sale of double vinyl, CD, bundles and more available now. Quoting the band, “put your long johns on and go out to get yours”. Or get your copy online via their official site.

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