Ireland hasn’t been able to make it to Eurovision final for four years – will Bambie lift the “curse”?

The Wednesday of Ireland, Cork-born-and-raised singer Bambie Thug has won public vote tonight on Late Late show. Though vocally unstable, Bambie easily outdid the five other finalists on a special edition of the Late Late Show, thanks to her picturesque theatrical staging and bold choreo.

Bambie Thug on Late Late Show

Bambie grew up in a family of music fans, with her father, originally from Sweden, writing metal parts, according to

“When I was younger, my mother would wake us up with classical music”, says the singer. “Then there would be rock playing in the car, rap in the afternoons at home. Music was thrown at me from all angles, and I absorbed all of it which is why I appreciate all types of music.”

“Growing up in a small place, the furthest I would go was to say I was different. I definitely wanted the spotlight. I wanted to assert myself, but the closest I got was wearing brown clothes with pink tights,” Bambie recollects. “I don’t think it was until I moved away, and I came out that I really took agency over myself. I moved to London when I was twenty and that’s when I really felt I became myself. But learning to stand strong within yourself in the face of everyone else is a constant learning.” 

Bambie Thug performs Doomsday Blue on Late Late Show
Bambie Thug performs “Doomsday Blue” encore on Late Late Show in Ireland1

It wasn’t long before Bambie amassed a fanbase due to her queer gothic live performances. Most recently, they made a debut at the legendary Download Festival.

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Commenting on the ongoing debate whether Israel should be allowed to participate in Eurovision 2024, given the situation in Gaza, the Irish artist spoke in favour of banning Israel from the competition in Malmö:

“When things were going on with Ukraine, Russia wasn’t allowed to enter, so I don’t think there should be a rule for one and a different for another.” 

Bambie Thug will wave Ireland’s flag with the goth pop track “Doomsday Blue” this May. The Eurovision Grand Final will take place in Malmö, Sweden, on Saturday, May 11. Let us know your thoughts on Bambie and her Eurovision entry on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter.

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