Asking Alexandria’s Ben Bruce and Ex-Vocalist Danny Worsnop «Rekindle» Relationship


Ben Bruce is also denying that he had unfollowed Denis Shaforostov

September 21, 2016

AlteRock hasn’t been delivering you endless «ping-pong» news (so-called news) that popped up on other websites, like Ben Bruce said this and Danny Worsnop stroke back and said that… Having spat a few comments about parting ways in each other’s direction, Asking Alexandria’s guitarist (Bruce) and former frontman (Worsnop) seem to have buried the hatchet.

Worsnop took to Twitter to reassure fans that he and Bruce “partied old school style”, drinking “almost a handle of Jameson.” Bruce also posted a comment on Twitter, reading: «Me and Danny were best friends for a decade, we have rekindled our relationship” (see his tweet below).

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Apart from that, Bruce decided to confront circulating rumors that he had unfollowed current Asking Alexandria vocalist Denis Shaforostov. “What is everyone talking about? I haven’t unfollowed anyone in my band», he has tweeted. «I don’t run Denis’ social media so I don’t know what his posts are about! I’m not in an argument with anyone. All these random stories going around are so strange!”

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