Apart from searches for COVID-19 information, Google’s Year in Search List unveiled what trends this year will be remembered by…

Year 2020 will surely land in history as the one of the toughest years in decades. From the coronavirus pandemic to natural disasters to the biggest stock market crash since 1929 (also known as the Coronavirus Crash) — the list goes on endlessly. But what about music? Who have we googled most?

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According to Google’s Year in Search List, it turns out, Google’s Top Trending Artist of 2020 in the U.S. is Shakira! The Colombian singer has just put out a fun new music video with Black Eyed Peas, titled ‘Girl Like Me’, but that’s not what made the searches skyrocket. It was back in February, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, when Google burst with Shakira search requests. All thanks to her bombastic Super Bowl Halftime Show performance with Jennifer Lopez:

Shakira’s never-ceasing-to-impress bellydance moves made her Google searches and streaming numbers go ballistic. In the meantime, others were making numerous Shakira memes or filing complaints about her too-out-there shimmies.

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Right after Shakira in the top trending artist list we can see August Alsina, Adele, Doja Cat, Grimes, Van Halen, Lizzo, Tamar Braxton, Quando Rondo, and Tory Lanez. As to non-music searches, the peak search words and phrases were: election results, coronavirus, stimulus checks, unemployment, Iran, hurricane Laura, Super Tuesday, stock market, Murder hornet and Australia fires.

As for top trending TV shows and movies, year 2020, obviously, proved extremely successful for Netflix, whose No.1s this year are “Tiger King,” the Boston Celtics, “WAP,” “Parasite” and Among Us.

Google’s Year in Search List shows various trending topics throughout the year and isn’t meant to reflect the most-searched for words and phrases across Google (as these might not tell you much about the changes in people’s preferences). Instead, as TechCrunch explains, for this list Google took a look at high spikes in traffic over the year, compared to 2019.

Other honorable mentions include: late basketball legend Kobe Bryant, communication platform Zoom, American actor Chadwick Boseman and Playstation 5. And in search of home pastimes and life hacks, people actively googled hair cutting tips, handcrafts and cooking recipes, such as how to make sourdough bread and whipped coffee.

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