Moving to #18 of 39 artists in the running order: it’s charismatic Uku Suviste from Estonia

What you might not know about the handsome 36-year-old Uku is that…

  1. Uku finished music school, where he specialized in playing the piano. Now he’s well-known in Estonia not only as a singer but as a composer for other musicians. He also films most of his music videos himself!
  2. In 2010, readers of the magazine Kroonika rated Suviste «Estonia’s Sexiest Man». The funny thing is that Uku himself is really shy, humble and introverted. Well, that’s even sexier…
  3. When Uku won last year’s Eesti Laul with «What Love Is», he got a message of support and praise from no one else but Russian pop king/»Dream team» producer Philipp Kirkorov.
  4. The former is not a surprise though, because Uku got to the semi-final of Russia’s The Voice in 2018. The jury members, by the way, were Russian rapper Basta, Eurovision #2 singer Ani Lorak, Leningrad’s frontman Sergei Shnurov and Ukrainian singer Konstantin Meladze. Watch his awesome blind audition with Ed Sheeran’s song «Perfect» below:
  1. Uku wasn’t chosen automatically to represent Estonia this year, despite his victory in 2020, followed by the cancellation of Eurovision. He came back to compete again, just like everyone else, and slayed it again!

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