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FAITH NO MORE show revealed the identity of the mystery guest on stage — behind the leather suit and mask was Guns N’ Roses bassist

April 29, 2015

faithnomore+duffmckaganFaith No More are currently on tour, entertaining their audience by a very special greeting of the mysterious character «The Gimp», who is dressed from head to toes in leather and is wearing a mask. Last Thursday the hidden guest’s identity was played by a legendary musician — former Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, unveils website Loudwire (click the pic on the right to see the full Twitter photo of Duff McKagan).

Check out Faith No More’s Los Angeles show footage as of April 23 below to have an idea what the so-called «Gimp» looked like on stage. Guns N’ Roses ex-bassist also twitted a side view of himself, all wrapped up in leather and latex.

Faith-No-MoreAs soon as May 19, Faith No More will unleash their first studio album since 1997, titled Sol Invictus (“unconquered sun”). The musicians are now supporting their upcoming longplay with the North American tour and will take a small break soon before going on with the U.S. shows on May 7.

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