‘Last December’ is a harsh reality check on COVID-19 mess, along with a feeling of melancholy, accompanying us every Christmas

«Be kind to each other», «We’re all in this together», «Safer at home», — such signs and posters have accompanied us throughout the whole year. On the other hand, people crave for Christmas and, with melancholy, keep hanging Christmas lights and decorating the Christmas tree. Good Charlotte are looking back at this twisted year, which is almost over, and here is their first song in two years, ‘Last December’!

Everyone can relate to the theme of ‘Last December’ and especially to the music video, made for it. The musicians immerse us into the atmosphere of the US streets and illustrate how the state of things is amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From COVID-warning signs to long lines at US clinics, the visuals look too gloomy at first. But as the video moves on to show Christmas preparations, we can’t help but have a warm feeling of the holiday approaching and how it unites us within and beyond families. The song lyrics are full of juxtapositions life is made of, even more so in this unpredictable corona-shadowed period:

That’s just the life I guess, and it’s never what you expect
Everything’s okay and then we die, but it couldn’t be better
That’s just the life you get, and nobody gives a shit
Every time it hits me I still cry, but it couldn’t be better

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Judging by the new track, Good Charlotte are back and full of energy. Their latest studio album, Generation Rx, came out two years ago, and fans hadn’t heard much since. The band then went on tour and focused more on their other projects. But they had to get back together for one big reason. This year is the 20th anniversary of their debut self-titled album. It’s thanks to their debut work that we got to enjoy ‘Little Things’, ‘The Motivation Proclamation’ and other hits.

It goes without saying that the band couldn’t celebrate the album’s anniversary to the full, so Benji Madden & co. recorded this new single, ‘Last December’, thinking of their loyal fans throughout these years:

“2020 being the 20th anniversary of our self-titled debut album really made us feel like we wanted to release something for those fans who’ve gone on this journey with us,” Madden explains. “The holidays can be a rough time of year. Thinking of the ones we’ve lost and longing for moments that have passed us by is definitely a part of the joy and melancholy. This song for us speaks to both sides of those holiday feelings and we hope it brings some solace to anyone who needs it.”

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In fact, year 2020 wasn’t totally idle for the band. Good Charlotte unveiled a few collabs, including Goody Grace and Yung Pinch’s ‘Hanging With The Ghosts’. But fans were naturally waiting for some authentic Good Charlotte’s new music, and it comes right in time for winter holidays. Enjoy ‘Last December’ music video here and the song’s lyrics underneath:

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