The mysteriously looking singer of Motionless in White has been drawing music fans into the world of horror-inspired metal since 2005. But what made him the way he is and what’s behind the heavy gothic makeup? Check out our collection of interesting facts about Chris Motionless below!

  • Chris Motionless (full name Christopher Thomas Cerulli) was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. He’s the oldest member of MIW.
  • Interestingly, when Chris was 8-9 years old, his grandfather tried to teach to play the guitar but the child didn’t show much interest back then.
  • It was in high school that Chris and Angelo Parente formed the future Motionless In White. Except, originally the band’s name was Crabgrass.
  • After high school Chris worked in a tattoo shop. No wonder, he’s into tattoo art till this day.
  • The name Motionless In White was inspired by metalcore band Eighteen Vision’s song ‘Motionless and White’. Only the preposition was changed from “and” to “in”.
  • Apart from the vocals, Chris used to play the rhythm guitar in MIW before TJ Bell took on this role (and later, Ricky Olson).

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  • The first major-label contract came after the CEO of Masquerade Recordings noticed MIW playing at a local night club. That’s how The Whorror EP appeared in 2007.
  • Chris is the only founding member of Motionless In White who is still in the band.
  • You might have a dark gothic image in your head of what lifestyle Chris leads but, reportedly, the singer doesn’t take alcohol.
  • Despite having a huge fan following of more than 500K on Instagram and 400K on Twitter, lately Chris prefers to «step away from social networking», «the speeches and onstage rants». He told Alternative Press:

I’ve seen people tweet things at me, then i’ll go to their twitter page only to see that they literally copy and pasted the same words to 15 other band members with only the intention of getting a response from one of us so they can screen shot it and brag about it. Disgusting. And you wonder why I just want to just simply write/play music and get the f—k out of that world of things??

  • Chris Motionless is the band’s last original member since Motionless in White’s ex-drummer, Angelo Parente, left the band in 2013.
  • The singer loves spending vacations with his mom and sometimes posts their vacation pictures on Instagram.

Chris takes care of his body and likes to treat himself to a massage. He even calls himself a “real housewife of Orange County”.

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