‘Euphoria’ is a treat for the ears, combining the best of various Muse eras

It looks like «it’s been all work and no play» for Muse singer Matthew Bellamy for a while, as eventually he came up with a song that resurrected the sound of ‘Knights of Cydonia’ and can satisfy even the pickiest Muse listener. The track in question is ‘Euphoria’, which Muse dropped today, along with the release of the band’s new album, Will of the People.

‘Euphoria’ is a treat for the ears from the first seconds. It accentuates ‘Knights of Cydonia’-like guitar parts, while its note progression in the pre-choruses reminds of those in the epic ‘Time Is Running Out’. The song’s title was «officially» leaked on March 14th, 2022 via the JSON output from wontstanddown.muse.mu website.

In Warner’s album recap, ‘Euphoria’ is described as a «lighting bolt rush», and the wording is quite on point. As the lyrics of the track repetitively demand «Give us euphoria!», the song bursts with untamed energy and desire for some spice in life:

"We are running out of air
So start a fire and spice up this love affair
Give us euphoria"

Be sure to watch the music video for ‘Euphoria’ below:

The entire new album marks the band’s return to heavier, best-years-of-Muse sound. The new era kicked off with the single ‘Won’t Stand Down’, released on January 13 this year. The track gave the first taste of new music from the British trio since the start of the pandemic. Ahead of the album release, Muse dropped four more singles: ‘Compliance‘, ‘Will of the People’, ‘Kill or Be Killed’ and ‘You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween’.

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