NECK DEEP’s Singer Ben Barlow Apologizes for His Sharp Women’s Day Tweet


«Apologies if I came off like an ass yesterday,» wrote the Neck Deep’s frontman the following day

March 10, 2017

Neck Deep’s singer Ben Barlow just wanted to wish ladies a great Women’s Day on March 8, when he wrote: «Happy international women’s day! Shout out to the feminists who don’t just hate men. Treat yoself!» However, he didn’t expect his tweet would face a lot of criticism, which is why his following (now deleted) tweet read:

[quote align=»center» color=»#COLOR_CODE»]«Everyone calm down. I was wishing everyone a happy women’s day. Was making the point that REAL feminism is a good thing. Is that okay or?» And: «If you’re triggered then have fun dealing with all that unnecessary anger! For the rational people, seriously, happy Women’s day.»[/quote]

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As the tweets caused a lot of controversy, Barlow deleted both of them afterwards. His only tweets left from March 8 are the following:

The Neck Deep singer then took to Twitter again to apologize if he had offended anyone:

[quote align=»center» color=»#COLOR_CODE»]«Apologies if I came off like an ass yesterday,» he wrote. «I can understand it was a little insensitive, and a badly timed and worded goof.»[/quote]

But the vocalist underlines he means what he said earlier: «You can’t preach love and equality then immediately SLAM someone the second their views don’t perfectly align with yours. It’s a massive contradiction and only cheapens the point you’re trying to prove. It’s a much bigger problem than me making a dumb tweet.»

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