Novoselic is fed up with media diss targeted at Nickelback, says «I love them!!!!”

As some put it, Nickelback is «a band that everyone loves to hate.» But others are getting tired of the constant diss and cannot keep quiet about it anymore. When Fox News’ sparked a new wave of hate against Nickelback the other day, one musician just couldn’t close his eyes on it.

It was Krist Novoselic, the founder of grunge icons Nirvana, which in turn gave rise to the post-grunge genre that Nickelback found their sound in. Why Nickelback is on the radar right now is «thanks to» the U.S. president Donald Trump’s recent tweet about Ukraine, which used Nickelback’s song ‘Photograph’. The post was later taken down by Twitter for copyright infringement, but Nickelback got bombarded with diss again, as a result.

Namely, writer Parker Molloy found an old video of Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt trying to ridicule Nickelback in the House debate. But the video is ridiculous in itself, since Stirewalt appears to have no idea who Nickelback. The editor calls the band’s music «socialism» and «emo-pop ballad ’90s rock”, which doesn’t even make sense.

“Nickelback is like socialism,” Stirewalt claims. “Our generation and prior generations fought hard against the scourge of Nickelback and to show what the dangers are of emo-pop ballad ’90s rock.”

Novoselic was outraged by this increased hate wave against the band and replied to Molloy’s post:

“Nickelback is a power pop rock band & I love them!!!!» he wrote. «They are Canadian BTW. The USA can work well because of the uneasy marriage between socialism and capitalism here.»

Whether it’s socialism and capitalism discussed on the political arena, Nickelback have learned to let haters hate. And it has certainly made their day that they have Nirvana’s musician among their fans.

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