Rock Musicians React: 50 Killed, More Than 50 Injured at Orlando Gay Nightclub


On June 12 more than 50 people were shot at a nightclub in Orlando — rock community offers sympathies

June 13, 2016

An unspeakable act of terrorism took place on June 12 as a gunman and ISIS sympathizer shot 50 people and injured more than 50 others a LGBT Club in at Orlando, Florida. Led by anti-gay and radical Islamic beliefs, the lone shooter chose gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando as his target. It’s the deadliest mass shooting in US history, and it shook the US and the world to its core.

orlando-shooting-2016Rock and metal musicians around the globe have offered their comments and sympathies, following the tragedy. Against Me!‘s singer Laura Jane Grace, who recently expressed her determination to play in North Carolina as protest against new anti-LGBT law, told in an interview with Rolling Stone:

«It’s completely fucked up. It was the first thing I read this morning and—just terrifying. It was so fucking alarming between that and the shooting that happened with the singer from The Voice on Friday. Even going to the Bataclan in Paris, that just seeps into reality in this really fucking alarming way. You’d ideally want to think that venues and shows and clubs, places where people are going to dance and celebrating and enjoying life would be the safe place, but it’s clearly not. To think that whatever crazy fucking religious wars or whatever wars are happening out there are leaking into those areas, it’s so fucking terrifying.»

Nikki Sixx wrote via Twitter: «Today sucks! Such a sad time on our planet. I don’t understand this. I wish I did. I never will.» Read the comments from Papa Roach, Slash, KISS and many other rockers below, alongside President Obama’s remarks on Orlando shooting.

We are sending our condolences to those who lost their loved ones in this inhuman act.

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