Tallinn Music Week welcomed hundreds of musicians on 3-5 April, and no blizzard could stop it from happening…

Tallinn Music Week has always been a stepping stone for young and experimental musicians, a gateway for emerging genres and an opportunity to get heard beyond your homeland. No surprise, many artists, presenting their music at TMW, tend to be on the crossover, experimental and alternative spectrum.

The festival crew must have had a hard time trying to categorize all the artists who had been confirmed. While some TMW venues were united by music genres (classical, Afrobeats, techno), others were an eclectic combination of seemingly unrelated styles and sounds.

In Roheline Saal (Green Hall) of Telliskivi block, lovers of classical music could enjoy the works of an array of local composers, as well as important guests – Gabriel Zucker (US), Rossano Snel feat. Marcelo Politano (EE, BR, DE) and Belle Chen (UK, AUS). Check out our gallery and live footage of Belle Chen’s performance, which “teleported” the audience to other mindscapes in relentless search of inner peace.

Belle Chen UK, AUS Classical-NEXT @Roheline Saal 1Belle Chen UK, AUS Classical-NEXT @Roheline Saal 4Belle Chen UK, AUS Classical-NEXT @Roheline Saal 2Belle Chen UK, AUS Classical-NEXT @Roheline Saal 3Belle Chen UK, AUS Classical-NEXT @Roheline Saal 5

The next night we hit a more miscellaneous venue, F-Hoone, where the famous Intsikurmu Festival Stage was home to a hip-hop/rap set by catchy and in-your-face KiROT. It was soon followed by “ur mom’s favorite mushroom enthusiast”, experimental singer Kitty Florentine. Take a look at our exclusive gallery below:

Kitty Florentine EE @ F-Hoone 3KiROT @ F-Hoone-Intsikurmu Stage 2KiROT @ F-Hoone-Intsikurmu Stage 3KiROT @ F-Hoone-Intsikurmu Stage 1Kitty Florentine EE @ F-Hoone 2Kitty Florentine EE @ F-Hoone 1Kitty Florentine EE @ F-Hoone 4

Meanwhile, listeners, who are more into chill, lo-fi and electronica, found a cozy hub name Uus Laine (New Wave) and swung their bodies to eclectic keyboard/vocals projects – who knows, maybe music trendsetters?

HUNT (EE) Keychange @Uus Laine 3HUNT (EE) Keychange @Uus Laine 2HUNT (EE) Keychange @Uus Laine 1

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