Want to send BRENDON URIE a gift? Great! But first read what gifts he gets rid of!

Brendon Urie Panic at the Disco

What gift can you send your idol? Brendon Urie’s tour manager posts a list of do’s and don’ts

October 2, 2018

“I’ve always wanted to send Brendon Urie something to show my love but I never really know what…” – recognized yourself in these words? Well, don’t be under the illusion he gets and keeps them all. Panic! At The Disco receive hundreds of thousands of gifts and only some of them reach the addressee.

To somehow filter this flow, P!ATD tour manager, Zach Hall, has shared guidelines for eager fans to make sure your present gets noticed by the singer.

Hall has posted a series of tweets, answering fans’ typical questions about the destiny of their letters and presents to Urie. He starts by saying some things fans send are thrown away and never end up in Urie’s hands. “You have to understand he gets hundreds of thousands of gifts & drawings & just crazy things,” Hall explains. “He would literally have to buy a house just to store these things.”

Instead, he offers fans to take the advantage of living in the digital era and send pictures of the letters and artwork, not the physical items.

Then what is the best digital present you can send the musician? Easy!

[quote align=”center” color=”#COLOR_CODE”]“A note that says thank you. It’s the best and easiest and doesn’t require him to do anything other than receive your message. It’s THE BEST,” the tour manager underlines.[/quote]

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If you still decide to send Brendon Urie gift, here are some don’ts:

  1. no food
  2. no asking for multiple things to sign
  3. no things to sign without a return address and a pre-paid envelope
  4. no nudity
  5. no gifts of too much value (they can get lost)

You got it all? Ready to send a present? Ok, go ahead! Here is the correct address:

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