Dean DeLeo, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS guitarist, stops the show in New York City to restore calm in the audience / Watch the full HD Irving Plaza show in NYC

April 30, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots were playing the show in New York City this past Monday, when the guitarist Dean DeLeo saw a crazy fan in the crowd and asked to stop the show in the middle of “Big Empty” performance to toss out the troublemaker.

According to Loudwire, DeLeo tapped Chester Bennington on the shoulder, then asked for the lights to be turned on and addressed the unpleasant situation. “I want this motherf—er out of here,” he demanded. “Get him the f— out of here. Get out of my show you d—head,” DeLeo cracked down on the guy. “Get out of my f—ing show, you douchebag.” Bassist Robert DeLeo added then: “Talk about blowing the f—ing vibe, man.”

Chester Bennington smiled and calmed down the audience by saying: “Can’t we all just get along?” and started improvising some timesaver-riffs. Once the troublemaker was out of the show, Stone Temple Pilots went back to their positions on stage to rock “Big Empty.” Watch the fan footage of this incident AND THE FULL HD SHOW below and stay tuned with Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favourite alternative music!

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