Over 18,000 people attended 2023′ Tallinn Music Week in the Estonian capital

Tallinn Music Week (TMW) has celebrated its 15th edition this past weekend, May 10-14 in the heart of Estonia. By tradition, the festival offers new music, hybrid genres, experimental artists and thematic exhibitions. The city reeled in as many as 188 musicians and singers from 41 countries and hosted an annual music conference, uniting over a thousand music and culture industry professionals from all over the world.

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The variety was impressive. It was virtually impossible to hit every TMW venue, so we had to plan our path thoroughly in order to hit various venues and have a taste of different genres. On the first live night, after melancholic Finnish “sadder-than-sad” mood, set by duo The Moontwins, we trotted our way to Philly Joe’s bar for an avant-garde German jazz collaboration of Jutta Glaser and Claus Boesser-Ferrari, challenging the vocal boundaries (see the gallery below).

The following night we kicked off with devoid of the crowd Afrochill DJs set (too early for African beats?) and then headed to a more heated stage at Vaba Lava, showcasing a Ukrainian indiepop band Komisiia, which, if you ask us, should have probably headlined the whole night. The same can be said about Estonian art-pop group led by Maria Kallastu. Standing out for its melodic tunes and trained vocals, the female band was like butter to our ears.

Way to go with presenting new talents, Estonia! Check out our fresh photo gallery of the 15th Tallinn Music Week festival below. And don’t hesitate to join us on AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter to keep an eye on the upcoming events!

Komisiia TMW 2023 live Ukraine indiepop AlteRock 1Komisiia TMW 2023 live Ukraine indiepop AlteRock 2Komisiia TMW 2023 live Ukraine indiepop AlteRock 3Komisiia TMW 2023 live Ukraine indiepop AlteRock 4maria kallastu TMW 2023 live Fotografiska AlteRock 1maria kallastu TMW 2023 live Fotografiska AlteRock 2maria kallastu TMW 2023 live Fotografiska AlteRock 3The Moontwins TMW 2023 liveThe Moontwins TMW 2023 liveAfrochills DJs TMW 2023 AlteRockTMW 2023 street art AlteRock 1TMW 2023 street art AlteRock 2
TMW 2023 Jutta Glaser Claus Boesser-Ferrari liveTMW 2023 The Moontwins liveTMW 2023 The Moontwins live 2TMW 2023 The Moontwins live 3TMW 2023 Afrochill DJ liveTMW 2023 street art 2TMW 2023 street art 1TMW 2023 street art 3

Photography and text: Tatiana Spiteri. All rights reserved.