Portuguese band The Black Mamba will represent their country with a touching song ‘Love Is On My Side’

It’s not long before we tune in to watch Eurovision Song Contest 2021, broadcast from the massive Ahoy arena in the Dutch city of Rotterdam (see our tips for Rotterdam here). Surprisingly, among the entries from 39 participating countries there is one song that stands out like a quiet tulip field in a row of urban high-tech Dutch skyscrapers. It’s the Portuguese band The Black Mamba with their smooth soul track ‘Love Is On My Side’.

We called The Black Mamba’s singer Tatanka and drummer Miguel Casais and asked:

  • Are they nervous before going to Rotterdam?
  • What will they do once Eurovision is over?
  • Who of other contestants 2021 do they admire? and much more.

And don’t miss their acapella take on Salvador Sobral’s winning Eurovision song ‘Amar Pelos Dois’!

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