The band still found a way how to show listeners the censored cover in their title track, though

If there’s a band that you won’t confuse with anything else, it’s British uncompromising guys from The Darkness. From their “out-there” stage outfits to surprisingly high-pitched vocals to the eyebrow-lifting artwork for the new album.

The art for their upcoming record Easter Is Cancelled has raised a lot of controversy. On the cover of the new album we see the band members as punishers, with vocalist Justin Hawkins nailed to the cross.

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It goes without saying, the artwork hasn’t been welcomed by music platforms: some have chosen to ban it. But it doesn’t mean you won’t see The Darkness’ cover, of course. The band has just introduced their first album track, where the artwork is pixelated (yet easy to figure out). Later in the video for the title track you see the original Easter Is Cancelled art. Check it out below!

It’s curious that the title track was actually the last song The Darkness wrote for the album. “We needed a fast one. So Dan and I were given that challenge. We had a day of jamming,” remembers drummer Rufus “Tiger” Taylor. “It was one of those things where we just sat down and bang – the first thing we played became the first four bars of the finished song,” writes Loudwire.

Lyrically, the song ponders on the phenomenon of the multiverse:

“You can’t be angry about a multiverse. It makes everything more manageable. You have to be comforted by the fact that there’s a reality somewhere it isn’t all shit,” explains Hawkins. “Conversely, when everything is going right, there’s a universe where it isn’t, and you should be grateful.”

The Darkness describe the format of the new record as “a mini rock opera examining the role of the musician in the barbarous culture of the world today.” Might it be Queen-inspired type of rock opera? We’ll hear it ourselves soon, as Easter Is Cancelled is out in just a few days, October 4 via Cooking Vinyl (preorders available here).

Along with the upcoming album, The Darkness’ tour is coming up too, and Hawkins & Co. are going to risk and play the new album in its entirety! That’s how conceptual and monolithic the record is for the group. But don’t be afraid, you’ll, of course, hear the band’s most famous hits on the tour as well.

The band will first play 19 gigs in the U.K. in November-December. After the winter holidays the rockers will head to France, Germany, Spain and more for another tour leg, which will wrap up mid-February only. You can get your tickets here.

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Featured photo: The Darkness (Facebook)