YUNGBLUD has launched a new track from the upcoming album ‘Weird!’, out November 13

YUNGBLUD couldn’t be any sweeter than in his new single “cotton candy” that is all about exploring yourself. In just a month we’ll get to hear YUNGBLUD’s sophomore album Weird!, and the singer is sharing the new songs from it bit by bit.

While ‘cotton candy’ follows the powerful, loud single ‘strawberry lipstick’, this one discovers the more harmonious, sort of The 1975 side to YUNGBLUD. It is also pretty different from one of his latest works, the darker ‘god save me, but don’t drown me out’. Just the other way around, musically ‘cotton candy’ is all about spreading positivity and searching for our individuality.

YUNGBLUD himself explains the track’s message as that of sexual liberation and losing yourself in your partner:

“‘cotton candy’ is about sexual liberation,” YUNGBLUD reveals. “To me, sex and sexuality is about freedom and the idea that you can lose yourself in other people of all genders, of all shapes and sizes to find yourself and figure out who you truly are. Sexual interaction should not be shamed, it should be celebrated because to have safe sex is to spread love and the world needs love more than ever right now.”

Listen to the new track below:

“This song is so important to me because I see and speak to my fan base, facing insecurities around sexual interaction,” the singer continues. “I want to let them know that it is ok to be EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE and have the right to unconditionally love who they want and be loved in return.”

YUNGBLUD has skyrocketed fans to cloud nine for one more reason. He took to social media to share his excitement on the release of ‘cotton candy’ and announced he would pick 10 lucky fans to chat on Skype with on Saturday, October 10.

And while most musicians are low-key in terms of touring at the moment, the musician is taking the live experience on another level in the form of the virtual THE WEIRD TIME OF LIFE TOUR. It’s a 16-date tour starting Nov. 16 in London. You can get your tickets for the innovative virtual tour here.

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11/16 – London, UK SOLD OUT
11/17 – Glasgow, UK
11/18 – Manchester, UK SOLD OUT
11/19 – Dublin, IE
11/20 – Paris, FR
11/21 Berlin, DE SOLD OUT
11/22 – Munich, DE
11/23 – Amsterdam, NL
11/30 – New York, NY
12/01 – Boston, MA
12/02 – Toronto, ON
12/03 – Chicago, IL
12/04 – Atlanta, GA
12/05 – Seattle, WA
12/06 – Los Angeles, CA
12/07 – Sydney, AUS