Nu-metal band Blind Channel among Finnish acts for Eurovision 2021

Finland is famous for its rock and metal, from death metal Children of Bodom to pop-rock Sunrise Avenue and Poets Of The Fall to love metal from HIM. But their history on the stage of Eurovision is a story of ups and downs. On the one hand, it’s Lordi taking the Eurovision throne in 2006, on the other, heavy metal band Teräsbetoni resulting in the lowest points. So what does Blind Channel have to offer?

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In the process of Finland’s UMK (New Music Competition), seven strongest contestants have been chosen. One of them is a nu-metal/modern metal band Blind Channel with the track ‘Dark Side’. The heavy track opens up with a wild chorus:

Put your middle fingers up
Take a shot, throw it up and don't stop
I'm, I'm, I'm living that life on the dark side

“Just another night in my pitch black paradise”

The hard-hitting song talks about living “on the dark side” and not wanting to grow up. “Pitch black paradise” in the lyrics refers to Finland’s long winter nights. In fact, Blind Channel was founded in the north of the country, Oulu, with its 24-hour polar nights – you know, when the day never even starts November through January.

As for “lifestyle of the sick and dangerous”, it most probably has to do with social distancing due to the continuous spread of coronavirus. Check out the competing single below:

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‘Dark Side’ is a standalone single for now, which might land on the group’s next album. To date, Blind Channel have recorded three albums, with the latest one, Violent Pop, released on March 6, 2020.

By all means, ‘Dark Side’ shows the band’s massive move from pop-rock and alternative rock to louder, more raw Bring Me The Horizon/Asking Alexandria-like sound. Now it’s Finland’s choice to send or not to send raw metal to Eurovision 2021, which will take place in Rotterdam on May 16.

The curtain on Blind Channel’s future will be lifted on Feb 20, at the Final of UMK 2021 via YLE TV. Would it become Finland’s best choice in recent years? Do you hope Blind Channel will win Finland’s national selection? Leave your comments under our reaction video below, AlteRock Facebook and AlteRock Twitter!