The track is taken off WILLOW’s latest album, ‘lately i feel EVERYTHING’

Are you craving for older Avril Lavigne’s music videos from the times of her iconic ‘Complicated’? This might be the closest the punk singer has come to that “good old” era. Lavigne has joined forces with WILLOW to deliver both an audial and a visual pop-punk masterpiece.

The two powerhouses have dropped the music video for the track ‘G R O W’. The song is featured on WILLOW’s latest release, lately I feel EVERYTHING. The divas are backed by Travis Barker on the drums, making it even a more star-studded track, devoted to accepting change, personal growth and constant evolution as a musician.

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WILLOW gives Lavigne a lot of credit on her ability to feel of the right verse and tone of the song:

“It was just effortless watching her come up with her verse. Just the tone of her voice and how she knows exactly the right tone that’s going to work with the song. When I heard her verse, I was like, ‘Oh no, should I even get on this?’” WILLOW remembers.

“Because I’m not going to sound nearly as hardcore or amazing as she sounds. But then I was like, ‘You know what? Don’t go back into that mindset. Be confident, hold your head up high and sing this damn song with this amazing woman.’ I’m so excited for it.”

Be sure to watch the music video for ‘G R O W’ below:

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Fans have noted down how this track reminds them of the golden era of Lavigne: “This reminds me of the older Avril Lavigne music videos like Don’t Tell Me and Complicated”, comments one of the fans on the new video. ‘Grow’ is an anthem about self-care and doing all things necessary to advance on the journey towards self-improvement.”

As excited as the army of WILLOW and Lavigne fans were, they couldn’t help but notice that the audio and the visuals don’t sync in the music video, making it a bit uncomfortable to watch. Let’s hope this issue will be resolved soon, as the track is undoubtedly a milestone in both WILLOW’s and Lavigne’s music career.

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