Thanks to Vevo’s LIFT initiative, we’ve got a new, live-voice video for the latest YUNGBLUD track ‘original me’

It’s so great there is Vevo’s LIFT initiative, whose goal is to boost young artists and help them promote their music. It was already amazing to hear YUNGBLUD’s new song ‘original me’ a month ago, and now we get to hear and see the Vevo’s LIFT video!

You might wonder what the difference is between the two videos, and you probably don’t even hear it at first. In the newly released clip, YUNGBLUD’s voice is recorded live, with no excessive polishing. YUNGBLUD as it is, which makes it something special. Check it out below!

YUNGBLUD posted a statement, saying he’s really grateful for the opportunity to deliver the song in a new, previously unexplored, deeper way:

“They gave me a chance to run down an avenue of creativity, exploring deeper meanings and hidden messages within the songs that might not necessarily have been apparent to me as I was writing them,” the singer says the statement.

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“[Vevo] gave me an opportunity to look into my subconscious and pull apart elements of myself, my fanbase and my life that I didn’t even know existed yet. They were so amazing to work with and I really learned a lot. I won’t forget this opportunity for the rest of my career. Thank you Vevo. I hope you all love what we created.”

The original track was recorded with Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds and launched in October. It soon got an official music video. Remind yourself of the video in the player below. And most importantly, feel the sound nuances between the official edited, produced and mixed ‘original me’ and Vevo’s raw take.

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