New Papa Roach album features 13 tracks + Machine Gun Kelly as a special guest

March 27, 2017

Here it is! Papa Roach have officially announced their ninth studio effort. Titled Crooked Teeth, the album features 13 tracks – see the track listing below, along with the emotional album artwork.

Last November, the band shared the title track from the album, Crooked Teeth. The song was a skillful mixture of their signiture old-school style and the new Papa Roach. Interestingly, the rockers have been silent over the following several months, but it was worth the wait.

The release of the new single, ‘Help’, brought Jacoby Shaddix and co. massive rotations and streams. The vocalist soon revealed that the new record would be released this May and would capture Papa Roach from various angles: from “heavy and in your face with songs like ‘Crooked Teeth’” to tracks with “pop sensibility” like ‘Help’ and”grimey, street hip-hop”.

Listen: Papa Roach rediscover their old-school sound in ‘Crooked Teeth’

Besides, there are a couple of guests on the new record, which are Machine Gun Kelly and Skylar Grey:

“I’ve always been a big fan of hip-hop,” says the singer. “There’s some new artists that I really am a big fan of, Machine Gun Kelly in particular. We collaborated at the [APMAs], and that was awesome. And then I had this track called ‘Sunrise Trailer Park,’ and I needed a guest spot, and I played him ‘Crooked Teeth,’ and he was just, like, ‘Dude, P-Roach is back! This is so sick!’ So I was, like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this track I would love for you to be on.’ And so it was very organic.”

Pre-orders of the album, Crooked Teeth, are now available, along with some creative special offers for the fans. Check out the track listing below.

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Crooked Teeth Track Listing:

1. “Break the Fall”
2. “Crooked Teeth”
3. “My Medication”
4. “Born for Greatness”
5. “American Dreams”
6. “Periscope” (featuring Skylar Gray)
7. “Help”
8. “Sunset Trailer Park” (featuring Machine Gun Kelly)
9. “Traumatic”
10. “None of the Above”
11. “Ricochet”
12. “Nothing”
13. “Bleeding Through”

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