ALL TIME LOW give emotional performance of ‘Good Times’ on TRL


“We wanted to speak for young people… from all walks of life,” frontman Alex Gaskarth told TRL

November 21, 2017

All Time Low have made an appearance at MTV’s TRL to rock Last Young Renegade’s ‘Good Times’, closely following the release of their moving music video for the song. The band did not only present the song on TRL but also talked about its meaning and how important it is to not stand in the way of a child’s or a teenager’s passion and let them make their own decisions.

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“It’s really important to follow what your passionate about,” singer Alex Gaskarth told TRL. “There’s a very easy road—and [it’s] the road that everybody expects, and it’s kind of given to you—and then there’s the road that maybe is not always so walked. And that was the road we chose.”

The members of All Time Low also discussed how we all go through hard times at young age, often not being supported by our family or peers but in the end, be it positive or negative experiences, they made us who you are today:

“We wanted to speak for young people… from all walks of life,” Gaskarth says. “It just felt like a really good way to do it. The song [is] reflecting back to our high school days, leaving town for the first time… And we just wanted to kind of present a story that spoke for people going through that now.” Check out the new song and the inspiring interview below!

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