The 22nd of 39 countries taking part in Eurovision 2021 is Poland, represented by stylish Rafał

Rafał is #6 in the running order of the Semi-Final 2 of Eurovision. These are the main things to know about the Polish singer.

  1. Rafał is a short stage name of Rafał Brzozowski. His relationship with music starts in childhood: from taking piano lessons as a child to playing at weddings in his teens. Soon he also learned to play the guitar all by himself.
  2. Apart from being a well-known singer in Poland, Rafał is also a frequent TV presenter. In 2017-2019 he presented the Polish game show Koło Fortuny (Wheel of Fortune).
  3. Would you like this cute singer to be your private coach? Well, maybe you’re in luck. Rafał is a physical education teacher, who graduated from Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw (Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego Józefa Piłsudskiego w Warszawie)!
  4. Rafał is not a young inexperienced artist: he’s singed to Universal Music Poland and his debut album called Tak Blisko (2012). even got a platinum status. Not to mention his single of the same name, “Tak Blisko”, making it to 21 million views on YouTube.
  1. Finally, he is such a versatile person that simply singing or competing is not enough for him. He also co-hosted the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Poland’s national final in 2017.

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Are you in for “The Ride” from Rafał & Co.? Check out the official video and drop us a comment below:

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