Get to know Efendi (Azerbaijan), #14 artist of Semi-final 1 of Eurovision

Day 14, and it’s getting HOT. Who can serve “hot” better than Azerbaijan’s Mata Hari? Today is our spotlight is gorgeous Efendi. Be sure to check out 5 fun facts below:

  1. Efendi is the singer’s last name, not first! She is Samira Efendi, born in Baku on 17 April, 1991.
  2. Samira got a major in piano in 2006 and graduated from Music college in 2010 with a specialty The Art of Pop Music.
  3. In 2015 Efendi got onto in The Voice of Azerbaijan, and got an honourable second place. Her take on the old classic ‘Sən Gələndə/When You Come’ (originally by Mubariz Taghiyev) is breathtaking. Have a look:

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4. This hot girl has been studying pole dance for a while, besides her background in traditional dances at ‘Cücələrim Rəqs Ansamblı’. Anyone doubts ‘Mata Hari’ performance will have impeccable dancing?

5. TIX (Norway), ROXEN (Romania) and Victoria (Bulgaria) might be lovers and rescuers of cats, but Efendi has two parrots named Chip and Dale, and a cute dog called Mini. Do her birds sing along to her songs too?

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