Hardcore grandma joins Five Finger Death Punch on stage and rock to ‘Jekyll And Hyde’


The old lady got onto the stage for the encore, played air guitar and threw up horns

November 22, 2017

Norway has proved yet again that their metal fans are the most hardcore and in-the-moment. During the recent show at Oslo’s Spektrum on Saturday, November 18, Five Finger Death Punch invited the most unexpected guest from the crowd on stage. Watch this amazing video below!

At the beginning of the song, frontman Ivan Moody made a sign to someone at the side of stage to join them, and it turned out to be an old lady, who soon got up on stage. Be it a teenager, young or middle-aged fan, dancing on stage along with Five Finger Death Punch wouldn’t be anything worth writing about. But you cannot help but have a big smile on your face (and huge respect!) when you see this grandma from the audience rocking ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ on stage with the band.

Not only did the lady actively dance along and tried to sing along into the mic, she also threw up horns and played air guitar. At the end of the song, Five Finger Death Punch even took a video of her dancing on stage, and afterwards Moody encouraged the audience to give her a round of applause. But we don’t want this article to be a total spoiler, so check out the fun video footage for yourself below.

Five Finger Death Punch will next go on a short tour of the UK next month, joined by In Flames and Of Mice & Men. The band’s current European tour wraps up December 15.

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