Kroeger hopes to close the topic once and for all with their documentary “Hate To Love: Nickelback”

Canadian rock legends Nickelback, whose latest album, Get Rollin, dropped last November, have just premiered their official documentary “Hate To Love: Nickelback”. With this cinema piece, the band hopes to close the hate topic once and for all.

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In the interview to People magazine at the Toronto International Film Festival 2023, Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger underlined that from now on he isn’t going to address this infuriating subject ever again:

“I’m over it. We made a documentary. Everybody can watch it. And now from this day forward, if anybody asks that question in the press, it’s like that’s the end of the interview. So if you want to end an interview, that’s all you have to say and that will be it.”

Kroeger believes the documentary is meant to depict Nickelback’s own narrative, as opposed to countless media love-and-hate articles. However, the vocalist admits, originally he was reluctant to discuss the hatred topic in the documentary. It was his bandmate Ryan Peake who convinced him it was the right channel to do it.

“We get to take the narrative,” Peake explains. “We get to actually tell our version. It’s like you turn the cheek for as much as you can, and then at some point it’s, like, ‘Here’s our take on it.'”

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The longer Nickelback have been named “the most hated act in the world”, while topping the charts across the globe, the more they realized they’d “joined the club” of quite a few now-legendary rock bands. “It’s funny because we were at the American Music Awards, and we were presenting, and we presented to DEF LEPPARD,” Kroeger told Metal Global. “And when we walked backstage afterwards, Joe Elliott and Phil Collen turned to me, and they were just, like, ‘Dude, thank you so much.’ I’m, like, ‘For what?’ They were, like, ‘For taking the trophy. We get to pass the baton to you for being the most hated band in the world now.'”

On another night, when Nickelback were having dinner with legendary AC/DC in Chicago, Kroeger got to talk to Brian Johnson. “And this whole thing came up. And Brian Johnson said when they released ‘Back In Black’, they were the most hated band on the planet. So I feel like we’re in good company,” Kroeger sums up.

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