Deathstars frontman, Whiplasher Bernadotte, talked to AlteRock before their first show this year

A couple of hours before their headlining set at Dark Malta Festival (their first show of 2023!) we sat down with Deathstars vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte and asked him about the inspiration behind the new album Everything Destroys You, coming out this May, as well as changes in their lives over the past few years.

Watch the full interview in the player below (and don’t miss the second part of the interview, AlteRock’s “The Last Game”):

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The band’s performance at Dark Malta Festival marks their first live set, showcasing the songs from the upcoming fifth album. Apart from fans’ beloved hits off of every record, Deathstars also performed their recently released new singles, ‘This Is’ and ‘Midnight Party’.

Check out the bands performance of ‘New Dead Nation’ at Dark Malta Festival below:

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