Watch MARILYN MANSON Fall Off Stage During Virginia Gig


The concert-goer wrote: “Thank the metal gods that Slipknot came out and absolutely killed it afterwards. So sad to see him in this shape”

July 28, 2016

Alterock-manson-Bridgestone_Arena-Nashville-2016As Marilyn Manson’s co-headlining US tour with Slipknot continues, the in-your-face rocker goes from one stage mishap to another.

Last night, during his show in Bristow, Virigina, a member of the audience caught the 47-year-old singer on camera as he was falling off stage while performing one of his most popular singles, ‘The Beautiful People’.

In the footage below you can see on the big screen how Manson is rolling around on the edge of the stage before falling off (or sliding down to the floor, which is basically the same). The song’s vocal part was therefore interrupted for a few seconds. The rest of the band kept playing their parts, while a security guard was helping Manson stand up and get back on stage. See the fan’s video footage below.

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The concert-goer, who filmed the episode, wrote in the photo caption that Manson was “obviously inebriated”, and added that he could barely understand anything he said during the show. He reveals that “the show seemed like one long temper tantrum from start to finish with 10 minute breaks between every song. Thank the metal gods that Slipknot came out and absolutely killed it afterwards. So sad to see him in this shape.” (via NME)

‘The Beautiful People’ seems to be the most unfortunate track on the current tour for Manson. Just a couple of weeks ago in Hershey, PA Manson was first filmed muttering and swaying while performing the same song, followed by his remark to the stage crew “I don’t want to fall onto my dick with that cord, so can you fix it please? And don’t give me an uppity look, because you’re not black.” You can also check out the fan-shot clip of the incident below.

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Read the fan’s comments on Manson’s recent shows and his state on stage (under the clips below). What are you thoughts on Manson’s recent stage behavior? Be the first to leave your comments, share the article, and stay tuned with Alterock Facebook and Twitter to never miss on the news about your favorite alternative music!