MUSE share ‘Algorithm’, ‘Break It To Me’ and more music videos

Muse Simulation Theory

The genius mind of Matt Bellamy gave birth to a series of interconnected Muse videos, which all dropped at once

November 13, 2018

To accompany the release of their latest, highly anticipated album, Simulation Theory, Muse have “bombarded” us with the new videos for all the album tracks. On November 8, the band dropped the official video for ‘Algorithm’, followed by ‘Break It To Me’ and ‘Blockades’ soon afterwards.

The trio had thoroughly prepared to share so many videos at once. Besides, Muse have uploaded lyric videos for the other album songs: ‘The Void’, ‘Propaganda’, ‘Get Up and Fight’ and ‘The Dark Side (Alternate Reality Version)’. Now that’s how you do your homework prior to the album release! And the most mindblowing thing is that all the official videos are conceptually linked to each other, taking us back to ‘Pressure’ and ‘Thought Contagion’ visuals.

The music video for ‘Algorithm’ takes viewers to the lab, where some atypical experiments are being held. The clip is a mix of chemical, DNA-related visuals and virtual reality shots. Like a tagline goes singer Matt Bellamy’s line: “This means war with your creator”. Very Muse.

What is more suitable for a video ‘Break It To Me’ than bone-breaking? The protagonist is a contortionist and bone-breaker, who we also find in other Simulation Theory videos. An exuberance of blinking lights in the video makes it quite challenging to watch. And the song itself might startle Muse fans… But only up to the chorus, where they finally bring it home with Bellamy’s stretched, high-pitched vocals.

In ‘Blockades’ all the previous music videos from Simulation Theory get interconnected. Meanwhile, the viewer is immersed back into the atmosphere of ‘Pressure’ homecoming party. We can’t deny Muse have by all means surpassed themselves in the intricacy of the layers of music videos. And you’ll get to feel this “alternate reality” yourself if you visit the band’s pre-show ‘Enchanced Experience’ on their upcoming world tour.

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Bellamy and Co. have also dropped a series of lyric videos for the new tracks, from a call-to-action ‘Get Up and Fight’ to ‘The Void’ cosmic theme and a standing out ‘Propaganda’ (which we think deserves an epic full-fledged music video). See all the clips below. Which is your favorite track from Simulation Theory? Favorite music video?