Tweet of the Day – ROB THOMAS Admits He Is Not as Rich or Funny as Ricky Gervais


Matchbox Twenty singer retweets the actor, admits he is not as funny or rich as Gervais

May 4, 2016

AlteRock’s choice of the today’s most noteworthy rock tweet has landed on a pair of Rob Thomas’s posts of a… tragicomic nature. It all started with actor/comic Ricky Gervais posting powerful messages, photos and a petition link to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, which takes place annually in Guangxi, China.

Rob Thomas speaks out against Yulin Dog Meat Festival

As much as we would like to show you Rob’s initial repost of the actor’s tweet, we are unable to do so, as Gervais’ tweet has recently been deleted for some reason. Most probably, it demonstrated that the actor has given a large amount of money to the dog charity foundation. Rob Thomas retweeted the actor’s post and added the following message, clarifying that Gervais is rich but it doesn’t make him less caring about pets:

The singer quickly added another tweet, showing his self-irony and lifting the weight off the sensitive topic. Rob wittily anticipated the comments of those who would fail to catch the message and the humor intended.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is the subject of hot debate and public outrage. Just last year, ten thousand dogs were killed in one weekend of the festival. “The dogs are tortured to ‘make the meat tastier,’ Gervais addressed the issue in a powerful public message. “They are also skinned and boiled alive. It’s not a food festival. It’s Hell,” he wrote. Gervais spread a link, encouraging people to sign the petition of Humane Society International to end the festival.

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