For the music video for ‘This Is’, the band «befriended» a 6-meter-long python Cruella

Late last year, Deathstars decided to cancel their many-times-postponed European tour, but there was a reason why. As the pandemic years passed by, it became obvious that it was the start of the new chapter for the Swedish rockers. The band chose to concentrate on writing the following album, which is now almost ready to launch. Titled ‘Everything Destroys You’, the new record is due out this spring, May 5, via Nuclear Blast Records. The first single off of the new album and the first taste of Deathstars in eight years is called ‘This Is’.

“The reason it’s been taking so long is that we simply wanted – and needed – a break after intense touring and so on, and on top of that the pandemic happened so tours were postponed and the release with them, so it feels fantastic to finally be able to present Everything Destroys You”, explains guitarist Nightmare Industries, a.k.a. Emil Nödtveidt.

Vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte says the music video for the track was shot in… old slaughterhouse area!

“We had a lot of discussions regarding the first video. At some point it was going to be filmed in Mexico City, the next day Paris or Belgrade, but we ended up just filming it in Stockholm, where we live. It was kind of a slimmed down production, shooting for a couple of days in the old slaughterhouse area in Stockholm,» says Whiplasher.

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«We actually filmed it in “Slaktkyrkan”, which means “the slaughter church”, and the scenario… well, in one corner you could see a very androgynous looking Cat in high heels with a lot of weird lights all around him, in another corner Nightmare strapped to some fence in a straitjacket, then we had Skinny with a chainsaw and an angle grinder – just decapitating mannequins, Nitro toiling in a sea of fire and drums, and also me with my 130 kilo python, who is 6.3 meters long and her name is Cruella. Interesting creature! She was very heavy to walk around with; sliding around my shoulders and constantly licking my neck with her tongue. We had a good time.”

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Deathstars Everything Destroys You artwork