Friday night of Tallinn Music Week 2024 saw raw, honest performances by Canadian and African artists

“Made In Canada” showcase compilation was a true delight to our ears. From an up-and-rising Canadian RnB artist Nicole Ariana to Aysanabee, a JUNO-winning Oji-Cree singer-songwriter from Canada’s far north. With just an acoustic guitar in his bands, Aysanabee made history in his homeland in less than a year. He became the first indigenous artist to reach the number one spot on the Alternative Rock chart in Canada, and Estonian crowd could see why.

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Check out our exclusive photo and video footage from Tallinn Music Week “Made In Canada” stage:

Aysanabee @ Club of different rooms - 1Aysanabee @ Club of different rooms - 2Aysanabee @ Club of different rooms - 3Aysanabee @ Club of different rooms - 4
Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 1Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 2Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 3Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 4Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 5Nicole Ariana @ Club of different rooms - 6

In the meantime, “Africa Now” stage at artistic @Fotografiska cafe gave the festival an in-your-face kick. Following a set by local Afrobeat DJ, French-Senegalese band Poundo took to the TMW stage, resulting in a flood of listeners flying like a moth to a fly to the see their expressive vocalist. While their music takes a bit of getting used to, we couldn’t t take our eyes of her free, liberating natural moves. What a showmanship!

Poundo-@Fotografiska-TMWPoundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 2Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 3Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 4Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 5Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 -1Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 8Poundo @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 7Afrochill DJ @Fotografiska -TMW 2024Afrochill DJ @Fotografiska -TMW 2024 - 2

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