AlteRock talked to Matt and Brad Walst of Three Days Grace before their show in Tallinn

It’s the band’s third time playing in Tallinn since Matt Walst joined the band, but it’s the first Three Days Grace show that was on the verge of being cancelled. Drummer Neil Sanderson sprained his ankle a couple of days earlier and couldn’t continue! What did the band do? Who they did call to replace Neil on drums on such a short notice?

We also couldn’t omit the most historical happening: during their show in Huntsville, Alabama on April 19, Three Days Grace had a huge surprise for the crowd. The band’s previous vocalist and frontman Adam Gontier appeared onstage to sing ‘Never Let You Go’ and ‘Riot’ with the current TDG lineup. How did they get Adam to join them on stage? Was it a decision planned long ago or a spontaneous one?

Watch our interview below to find out! And enjoy our TRICKY questions at the end 😉

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